Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mapper - Update

Some major changes have been made to Mapper.

1) Changed the colours of the call and message buttons to green and blue. I didn't like the red call button anymore. I also changed all the buttons to icons instead of text, that looks much cleaner.

2) Added text messaging functionality. It's not voice activated like I originally planned, but I can now text whoever's closest to me. I'm going to put an option on the settings page to set the default message for texts.

3) I added a timer which checks for the closest annotation with a phone number and selects it with animation. Now as I drive, my friends' houses pop up as I drive past them, allowing me to call them with one click. People's addresses are also represented by a house icon.

4) The parking pin is now automatic. I track the user's speed, so I set up an enum to determine if the user is driving, potentially parked, or parked. If the user gets to the parked stage, a green pin is dropped where they parked. The car button now allows the user to lock on to this parking spot and their own location, which is useful when trying to get back to your car. Eventually I want to have the parking check run in the background, so it's always there.

Screenshot below.

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